Every person on the planet is a little bit psychic. Some are naturally more spiritually connected than others but the inherent ability lives within everyone. Anyone can develop a connection to the spiritual world; it is closer than you think. Through patience and consistent practice, you can develop your psychic ability into a strong 6th sense.

Developing your psychic abilities will open the spirit world for you. In that world you will discover endless possibilities.


All psychic practices begin by quieting the mind through meditation. The purpose of meditation is to let go of earthly thoughts and get rid of petty worries and concerns. Doing so will allow your mind energy to sync with the energy of the universe.

Meditating is simple in theory: all you have to do is relax your mind. It is a common misconception that meditation can only occur in a quiet environment. However, it is the opposite that is actually true. While it may be helpful to have a quiet area in which to meditate, an experienced meditator will find themselves using the noise around them to go into a deeper meditation.

Those who find meditation to be a challenging practice are usually the ones that need to practice the most. The good news is that there is more than one way to meditate. If you struggle to find stillness, taking a walk while you meditate may be the solution to your challenge.

As you walk, preferably in a sparsely populated location, consciously enjoy the moment of being outside in nature. As you clear the thoughts from your mind, allow any stressful energy to fall away. Being at ease is very important. Sitting down in the grass while meditating is the ideal way to begin to get in tune with the elements.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities


Some say that dreams are an alternate reality. Some are able to predict the future based on what they see in their dreams. Others treat their dream time as though they are the star of a fantasy novel (a technique called lucid dreaming allows dreamers to remain conscious as they dream).

To get the most out of your dreaming experience, begin by recording your dreams. Take a moment to write down your dreams. Keep a notebook and pen on your nightstand so that you can record your dreams as soon as possible. The unfortunate truth is that most dreams are forgotten within 1 minute of waking up. Because of that fact, it is best to write down your dreams before doing anything else.

Once you have written down all of details that you can remember, now begins the fun part of deciphering your dreams. All major themes and symbols that you dream about has a meaning that you can look up through a dream dictionary. There are numerous dream websites that you can use that will help you to unlock the mysteries in your life and in your head.

If you want to take your dream time to the next level, lucid dreaming will unlock another spiritual path.


The art and practice of communication with the spiritual world is called divination. There are dozens of methods that can be used to divine answers from spiritual energy. Some popular methods of divination include tarot cards, runes, pendulums, numerology and ceromancy (reading messages through candle wax).

While many of these objects have a reputation as being used to tell the future, the reality is that the abilities of divination depend largely on the diviner and on the method. For instance, a tarot reading may clue you into what to expect in your personal life. On the other hand, numerology may be used to explain current circumstances.

Whichever method(s) you use, be sure to practice often. Consistent practice will strengthen your psychic abilities. Good advice on divination is to have at least 3 methods that you gain accurate results from. At least one of these methods should be what you practice on a daily basis.

A word of caution: spirit boards are also a form of divination. However they also carry a significant risk for potential danger. There are too many cases of malevolent spirits coming through the board than can be ignored. Spirit boards are not to be played or experimented with. Only use a board in the presence of a strong and experienced psychic (if you must).


Gaining knowledge of the psychic world is the easiest way to become a part of it. With dozens of categories to choose from, it is easy to begin by learning about any spiritual subject that you find interesting.

Reading will open your mind to things that you did not know before. Once you know what to expect, your awareness will be heightened to the parts of you that are already psychic. Knowledge is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

As you develop and expand your psychic abilities, keep a notebook to record your experiences. You can be as detailed as you like. Keeping dated records will allow you to gauge your developments as you go deeper into your psychic abilities.